Performance characteristics of disc brake
Time:2020.03.04 Come:Yuhuan Qifeng Machinery Co., LTD View:

Compared with drum brake, the working surface of disc brake is flat and heat transfer on both sides. The disc is easy to rotate and cool, which is not easy to deform. The braking efficiency is relatively stable. After long-term use, the brake disc will strengthen the braking effect due to high temperature expansion. However, the drum brake is easy to deform due to heat transfer on one side and large temperature difference on both sides. At the same time, after long-term braking, the brake drum is easy to deform The moving drum expands due to high temperature, and the braking efficiency decreases. In addition, the disc brake has simple structure, convenient maintenance and automatic adjustment of brake clearance.

The disadvantage of disc brake is that the friction plate acts directly on the disc, without the effect of automatic friction force increasing, and the braking efficiency is low. Therefore, if the required brake actuating pipeline pressure is high when it is used in the hydraulic braking system, a power auxiliary device must be installed separately; and when it is also used in the parking brake, the added parking brake transmission device is more complex than the drum brake, so it should be installed on the rear wheel Use is limited.

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