How to maintain the automobile braking system
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Modern brake system maintenance mode using a dedicated electronic tool set, the work is simple, fast, comfortable and safe, and one person can be completed independently.
The main function of the tool group is:
1, test the wet boiling point of the brake fluid, to determine whether it should be replaced.
2, the use of a unique tool for the discharge of the old brake fluid and the new brake fluid filling.
3, changing the liquid, the tool uses advanced electronic sensor display technology components, can accurately and effectively determine the whole brake system for liquid to end, to ensure that the 100% replacement.
The steps for the maintenance of modern braking systems are as follows:
1, the brake fluid wet boiling point detection tool to connect the power supply.
2, the probe of the tool is inserted into the liquid storage tank (if it is not convenient to insert, can be used to suck a small amount of brake fluid after the test).
3, the tool will automatically show the wet boiling point of the brake fluid. Compared with the corresponding standard of the wet boiling point of the brake fluid, we can get the conclusion that the replacement is needed.
4, the use of special tools to brake system storage tanks in the brake fluid extraction (Note: extraction to the lower part of the liquid storage tank can be).
5, the use of special tools to add new brake fluid to the reservoir, and the tool to remain in the original position.
6, the vehicle one pump bleeder bolt unscrewed, joints, with special tools to start, can automatically discharge and filling the brake fluid (at discharge and charging at the same time, without adding the amount of liquid tube, also does not need to discharge tube whether net dry old Bo).
7, the electronic display device will automatically display the whole process has been completed, the replacement and discharge is completely.
8, according to the same method will be the other 3 wheel brake pipe and the replacement of the old liquid in the pump.
9, all recovery.
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