Do not use wet cloth to wipe the dashboard
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In winter, the seasonal maintenance vehicles become the most concerned about the topic ofmany owners, for the maintenance of common sense oil replacement, engine maintenance, tiretesting routine, I believe that many owners have to know the score. However, in addition to theroutine maintenance, car "body" there are a lot of usually less attention to maintenance of"dead", today, Xiaobian to introduce some owners are usually not easy to detect failure tomaster the maintenance of common sense.

1, brake fluid: insufficient fluid volume should be added

For the brake system maintenance, many owners are mainly concentrated in the brake pads,brake pad quality directly determines the performance of vehicle brake. The general passenger car front brake should be replaced every thirty thousand to forty thousand kilometers, becauseafter the pad wear is less than the previous, before each changed two times, after the filmshould be replaced once.

Focus on the brake at the same time, the owners should also observe the amount of fluid brake fluid is adequate, confirm whether the datum line of tank to receive. The brake fluid much lessthan the last inspection, the possibility of a large fault. Brake pipeline leakage also need to pay close attention to, the car is equipped with the manual clutch, also need to pay attention to the amount of liquid, if the liquid amount is reduced into the air, cannot brake. Therefore, the need to pay attention to the brake system maintenance is brake fluid, if insufficient fluid volume, to enter the air, brake will become less sensitive. In addition, also check the clutch pedal, try, check the intermittent, bad or precise deviation is in need of repair.

2, dashboard: do not use a damp cloth to wipe

The dashboard due to the complicated structure, many corners, it is difficult to clean all kinds of switch instruments etc.. These troughs where required "special tools", can use a variety of different thickness of wood or put its head piece ruler, repaired, or oblique triangular rectangularpoints such as different styles, and then use a clean cloth bag, simple and good effect, not only improves the cleaning effect, and not caused by cleaning part of the damage.

It is worth mentioning that, cleaning the central console need to use the tools with a clean cloth,neutral detergent and water, do not use wet cloth to wipe. Need to remind consumers: the selection of cleaning agent when the best use of anti-static plastic special cleaning agent, the effect will be better.

3, carpet: the best placed in the car mat activity

If there are some hard to remove the stains on the carpet, special detergent can be sold on the market to solve, these detergents do not need to be the carpet soaked in water, can be directly"dry cleaning", generally good results. Need to remind the owner, before the need to use detergent cleaning carpet carpet dust, and then spraying the amount of detergent, clean with brush, finally with a clean cloth and wipe off any excess detergent on it, so that after washing thecarpet is clean and soft as before.

Is the most in need of attention, not completely soaked into the water to scrub the carpet, on the one hand will destroy the bonding carpet within several layers of different materials, on the other hand will make the carpet for a long time can not be dry and the effect caused by the car, wet.

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