The four sign teach you from the steering wheel to identify vehicle fault
Time:2015.05.05 Come:Yuhuan Qifeng Machinery Co., LTD View:

The car engine solar term door opening and closing is not flexible, can guarantee thequantitative mixture required for the actual operation to the engine when the pedal is loosened,the linkage mechanism, solar term door open bad, close is not tight with the.

Accelerated looseness is the pedal linkage mechanism is the soft wire rope length affects theadjustment of throttle opening and closing of the improper. Accelerator pedal, the engine speedup, or do not step on the accelerator pedal engine cannot produce enough power, mostly because of wire rope tension caused by insufficient.

This kind of fault solution:

1, unscrew the air filter fixing bolt and nut, open the filter cover filter out, so you can see the wire rope driving throttle opening and closing.

2, if the steel wire rope bending with minimal wire rope is tight, that even if the driver loose carried the accelerator pedal, throttle is not completely closed, resulting in oil and high speed to be more than

3, there is another inspection method, a pedal accelerator pedal and the throttle valve is able tofully open in the upright, that is to judge the fault.

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