Hydraulic brake system maintenance skills and maintenance guide
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Braking main cylinder:

Put all brake fluid, remove the main cylinder fixed bolts, fixed, and main cylinder, from the main cylinder removed skin bowl, remove the main cylinder piston spring. With the clean brake fluid cleaning main cylinder and the cylinder piston, check with the pistons have scratches and damage; Check the piston seal for wear and corrosion or damage; Measuring diameter cylinder, use limit 12.755 mm (0.5022 in); Measuring the piston outside diameter, use limit 12.645 mm (0.4978 in). The piston and skin bowl with clean brake fluid installation to main cylinder (don't let skin labial ministry by in outer) to.

Brake caliper:

Dismantling the brake caliper, put all brake fluid, to break them down. Check the brake caliper and whether there are wounds, and the measurement of the piston callipers at 25.46 mm diameter, use limit (1.0024 in), measuring brake piston, use limit 25.31 mm diameter (0.9965 in), beyond the limit should be replaced, brake on the piston often tu clean oil should be to prevent the corrosion.

Brake disc:

Visual brake disc is damaged or broken, and in a few points measuring the thickness of the brake disc, use limit 3.5 mm (0.14 in), with BaiFenBiao CeZhi move without warping, use limit dish 0.10 mm (0.004 in), if exceed the limit, use warp should check the momentum, if there before bearing replacement brake disc normal.

The brake fluid replacement:

Loosen the exhaust valve, put all the brake fluid. Will the airtight container DOT3 or within the DOT4 brake fluid into the main cylinder, will rank pump connected to the exhaust valve, in exhaust, to prevent air into the braking system often should check the liquid surface height. Close the purge valve and hold brake handle, such as feel soft, deal with again until the exhaust system oil cylinder holes and feel brake handle liquid out so far blocked.

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