What is the place of advantage detailed analysis of brake disc brake
Time:2010.04.29 Come:Yuhuan Qifeng Machinery Co., LTD View:
1 and in the brake clamps body between piston and brake facings formulations, plus one of the noise, driving the piston is formed on a slope. To ensure the brake lining block braking and brake disc flexible contact, make brake lining in the normal state of wear no abnormal noise appear. 2, choose a more soft material, density is small brake lining piece of material. 3, brake, brake lining block to one side move, possible impact of noise. This is because the brake lining block and clamp between body of large clearance can be caused by, plating method to eliminate the gap. Solder But must pay attention to, should make soldering plating and driving in the opposite direction of side to prevent the braking force under the function of failure.


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