The more you drive, the less exciting it becomes? These places need to be maintained as needed!
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Private cars have become the first choice for most people to travel, and more and more people are driving. However, many consumers are still not very familiar with car maintenance. Usually, I maintain my car according to the requirements of the 4S dealership. Over time, the overall driving experience of many cars will fall far behind that of new cars. In addition to gradually increasing fuel consumption, the power of the vehicle will also decrease significantly. This situation is indeed caused by normal wear and tear of the car, but it is also related to some details that are not usually noticed. Regular maintenance can reduce your fuel consumption and restore your original power.
Firstly, regularly clean the engine compartment. For some cars, it is quite normal to have oil leakage. In the short term, it may not have a significant impact on the car, but over time, it can lead to a large amount of oil pollution in the cabin. If not cleaned up in a timely manner, in severe cases, spontaneous combustion can easily occur. However, when cleaning the engine, do not rinse it directly with water. This is likely to cause a short circuit in the car, especially in some older cars. The correct approach is to clean with engine cleaner. It can not only remove surface oil stains, but also clean dirt in the gaps, and avoid the corrosion of metal substances in water.
Secondly, change the oil regularly. This is the most common thing in our daily maintenance, as engine oil has the characteristics of low-temperature start protection and oxidation resistance. It can ensure better lubrication effect of the engine. However, you don't need to follow the instructions of the car, you need to judge based on the actual situation. If the vehicle is not used frequently, the oil change time can be extended. If the vehicle environment is not good, the oil can be changed in advance.
Finally, regularly clean the three-way catalytic converter. Blockages in the three-way catalytic converter are also common, mainly related to the fuel we usually add. If the quality of the added oil is not very good, it is very likely that the oxygen sensor will not work properly, causing problems in the car's intake, ignition, exhaust and other areas. Therefore, fuel consumption increases and power decreases. In this case, clean with a ternary catalytic cleaner to ensure that it runs like a new car. This can restore the power to the level of a new car.
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