Is it an internal circulation or an external circulation when using cold air in summer?
Time:2024.03.12 Come:Yuhuan Qifeng Machinery Co., LTD View:
In summer, turning on air conditioning for cold air alternates between internal and external circulation, as internal circulation can block warm air outside the car, causing a rapid decrease in temperature inside the car and making people feel cooler and more comfortable. However, after starting the internal circulation for a period of time, it is also necessary to start the external circulation, which can allow fresh air from outside the car to come in and avoid discomfort caused by cloudy air inside the car.
In addition, when vehicles encounter congestion on the road, they should also pay attention to turning off the external circulation and turning on the internal circulation. Because there is a lot of car exhaust in the outside air during traffic congestion, and it is also quite polluted, turning off the external circulation can isolate the outside air and prevent external polluted exhaust from entering the car.
Although the internal circulation has advantages such as fast cooling and fuel efficiency, opening it for a long time can be detrimental to the air circulation inside the car. External circulation can keep the air inside the car fresh, but fuel consumption is relatively high and the cooling or heating speed is also slow. Therefore, during the driving process of the vehicle, the driver can also adjust the internal and external circulation system according to actual needs combined with the outside air conditions.
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