What is a piston caliper?
Time:2024.03.06 Come:Yuhuan Qifeng Machinery Co., LTD View:
A piston caliper is a device used in automotive braking systems, which is used to hold the brake pads during vehicle braking, thereby achieving braking effect.
The more pistons there are in the caliper piston, the stronger its braking force, and it is also more stable and stable. The internal components of the caliper mainly include the piston, piston oil separator, and dust separator. The principle of piston calipers is to use the piston to clamp the brake pads onto the brake disc. Ordinary car models usually use a single piston, while sports RVs and performance cars will upgrade to double pistons to provide better braking performance.
The Qifeng caliper piston represents calipers with more than 4 pistons, which are commonly referred to as "abalone". A typical example is the Evolution and WRX-STI car series. When the piston inside the caliper is blocked, it can lead to poor braking effect, and even the brake pads cannot be returned, which can affect the running in of the brake disc and brake pads, requiring inspection and maintenance.
Therefore, the normal operation of the caliper piston is crucial for the performance and safety of the automotive braking system.
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